Social marketing is basically the use of marketing theories skills and social practices to achieve maximum output. The goal of social marketing is to maintain and change the behaviour of customers instead of what they think and aware of any particular issue. Social media marketing is the use of various social media to promote any product or services of a company.


It is an American social media platform through which you get connected with
every person. This is another social media platform which business ventures use
to expand awareness about their business, product or any services. You can
create your personal business presence by creating a fan page, joining groups
related to the business and various other social activities.


Instagram is photos and video sharing platform owned by Face book. This video
and photo sharing app is in no time become more known within the users, with
this any business can create their brand awareness and introduce products.Set your brand identity by generating business links.Grow your Instagram audience by using relevant information and hashtags.


It is also a social media platform above which users share the post and interact
with messages known as tweets. For promoting your business implement your
business card, improve your followers count, identify influencers and engage
with them. Use the right hash tags and identify your competitors.